Walnut Creek’s Most Dangerous Intersections

The infographic below compiles all of the accidents in Walnut Creek during 2013 as reported by the Walnut Creek Police Department.

Our observations include:

  • Ygnacio Valley (YV) Road and Main Street are closely matched for most dangerous road in Walnut Creek. Nearly 38% of all accidents in Walnut Creek occurred along one of these two streets.
  • Be sure to take extra care at the following intersections. They account for 14% of all intersection accidents in Walnut Creek:
    • YV and Oak Grove Road;
    • YV and Bancroft Road/Walnut Ave.;
    • YV and La Casa Via;
    • Treat Blvd. and Main Street; and
    • Mt Diablo Blvd. and Broadway.

As we noted earlier, drivers should be reminded that one of the keys to safe driving in Walnut Creek is awareness. Be cognizant of overall traffic, pedestrians, weather conditions and the lane changing patterns of surrounding traffic. Thanks for reading Slice of Appel PI today! We hope you continue to read and share our blog with others. If you find the infographic interesting or helpful, please share it with others!

Most Dangerous Intersections Walnut Creek 2013

Title of infographic – Walnut Creek Most Dangerous Intersections The Appel Law Firm LLP

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