Essential Skills for Staying Safe on Your Bike


Millions of people ride bikes every day for fun, fitness and transportation. Sadly, this healthy way of getting around turns to tragedy in too many cases when cyclists are injured or killed in accidents. If you ride a bike, you probably know that wearing a helmet is one of the most important steps you can
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Bike to Work Day Promotes Cycling with ‘Happy Hours,’ Gifts, Challenges

If you enjoy commuting to work by bicycle — or if you’d like to start — consider joining the festivities for Bike to Work Day on May 11. The event is sponsored by Bike East Bay and includes activities like a morning ride with members of the Berkeley City Council, Bike Happy Hour celebrations in
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Appel Law Firm Featured in Daily Journal

Daily Journal Article

We are excited to announce that Appel Law Firm LLP was recently profiled by the Los Angeles & San Francisco Daily Journal in the article entitled Family Ties: Two brothers, one son, and a cousin work together at Appel Law Firm on plaintiffs’ lawsuits. Below is a short excerpt from the article: Family ties are
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Rear and Side Semi Truck Bumper Regulations

under-ride accident

Underride accidents occur when passenger vehicles slide underneath tractor-trailers in collisions. These dangerous crashes often compromise the passenger compartments of vehicles and result in hundreds of deaths every year. Despite the dangers, a solution exists: steel bars known as underride guards attached to the backs, fronts and sides of tractor-trailers that stop passenger vehicles from
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New California Cell Phone Laws In Effect

For motorists who have become accustomed to holding their phones as they drive, a new law may encourage safer driving habits in the new year. As of Jan. 1, 2017 it is illegal in California to hold or operate a mobile device for any reason while behind the wheel. In September, Gov. Jerry Brown signed
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Appel Law Firm Obtains $1.32 Million Construction Accident Verdict

Think Construction Trials are a Waste of Time? Not so fast. Incident At the time of the incident, the client was a ceiling installer working on a contract basis in Redwood City, California. Ceiling installers primarily work with drywall, ceiling tiles, and wallboard, and may be involved in both installation and painting. They may also
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Appel Law Firm Award Scholarship to Hit and Run Victim


Each year, an annual scholarship award is granted to college and graduate students who have survived car accidents. These individuals have overcome the odds and their injuries. The Auto Accident Survivor Scholarship awards the student $1,000 for school tuition. We are proud to announce that the 2016 winner of the Auto Accident Survivor Scholarship is
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Workers Compensation Hearing Questions

Workers compensation is meant to provide individuals hurt on the job with financial support as a result of work-related losses. However, getting the compensation desired can be a challenge in many cases. In some situations, individual employers or workers compensation insurers can deny claims. There are many reasons this can happen. If you claims has
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Why It Takes So Long To Settle Your Workers Comp Case

Generally, more complicated workers’ compensation cases take long to settle, but even a fairly simple one can drag on. There are a variety of causes that fuel the long way to settlement. Overworked insurance adjusters, physicians slow to providing medical reports, missing a required medical exam and other factors play a role in the timeline.
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Will Pokémon Go Lead to More Distracted Driving Accidents?

pokemon and driving

Unless you’ve been camping in the wilderness without internet, you’ve probably heard of the new mobile game Pokémon Go. The game debuted on July 6 and became — quite literally — an overnight success. Already, millions of people have loaded Pokemon Go on their smartphones. But the addictive game didn’t take long to reveal its
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