Rear and Side Semi Truck Bumper Regulations

under-ride accident

Underride accidents occur when passenger vehicles slide underneath tractor-trailers in collisions. These dangerous crashes often compromise the passenger compartments of vehicles and result in hundreds of deaths every year. Despite the dangers, a solution exists: steel bars known as underride guards attached to the backs, fronts and sides of tractor-trailers that stop passenger vehicles from
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New California Cell Phone Laws In Effect

For motorists who have become accustomed to holding their phones as they drive, a new law may encourage safer driving habits in the new year. As of Jan. 1, 2017 it is illegal in California to hold or operate a mobile device for any reason while behind the wheel. In September, Gov. Jerry Brown signed
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How Police Used Periscope to Arrest Drunk Driver

Recently, a young woman recorded herself on video, using Periscope, a Twitter-owned social media app, while she was driving drunk.  In a slow, slurring voice, she repeatedly said she was drunk, had a flat tire and had no idea where she was. The app broadcast the video live to the world, and that’s what led to the police being able to
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Employer of Truck Driver Killed in Pittsburg Accident Had Record of Safety Issues

Trucking Accident

New regulations implemented last year by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCA) made it easier for the agency to shut down intercity bus and trucking companies with a history of repeated safety violations. But a fatal accident in Pittsburg this March that claimed the life of the truck driver raises questions about why one trucking
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Liability Theories for Injuries Sustained in Walnut Creek Drunk Driving Accident


If you somehow managed to miss it, the 2014 NFL season came to an end February 1 when the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Many football fans – as well as some who tune in “just to watch the commercials” – watch the big game at a bar or attend Super Bowl parties
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Walnut Creek Taxi Cabs Held to Higher Standard


Every day, thousands of Walnut Creek and Bay Area residents use taxi cabs as a way to get to work, appointments, and home safely from restaurants and bars. Taxi cabs are classified as common carriers, which means they owe their passengers a higher duty of care and protection than a non-commercial driver owes its passengers.
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The Use of Seat Belts in California School Buses


School buses are one of the safest modes of transportation, with only 1% of all student fatalities during normal school travel hours the result of school bus accidents, despite the fact that seat belts are not installed. California is one of only six states that requires the installation and use of seat belts on school
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Driving while Drowsy Causes 400,000 Injuries Annually

Everybody knows that driving while under the influence, be it from alcohol, prescription narcotics or illegal drugs, can be deadly. But an experiment recently conducted by the Today Show in conjunction with Drowsy Driving Prevention Week shows that driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous, and results in hundreds of thousands of personal injury
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Walnut Creek’s Most Dangerous Intersections

20141015-Walnut Creek

The infographic below compiles all of the accidents in Walnut Creek during 2013 as reported by the Walnut Creek Police Department. Our observations include: Ygnacio Valley (YV) Road and Main Street are closely matched for most dangerous road in Walnut Creek. Nearly 38% of all accidents in Walnut Creek occurred along one of these two streets. Be sure
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Dangerous Driving in California


Driving under the influence is a serious matter. Most people know that drunk driving can result in dangerous outcomes, but it is important to note that consuming other drugs while driving can also lead to dangerous situations. This news story from the ABC News affiliate in San Diego details how driving under the influence can
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