Law Enforcement to Target Distracted Drivers in April

Do you compulsively check your email or text while you drive? If you are part of the growing number of people who engage in distracting behavior while driving, you may want to put that cell phone away because April marks the beginning of the second annual National Distracted Driving Awareness Month Campaign, entitled “It’s Not Worth It!” In a recent CHP Announcement, last year’s awareness campaign issued more than 52,000 citations were issued by law enforcement agencies, this was four times the monthly average.

Distracted Driving Citations

According to the California Highway Patrol, a first time citation will cost a minimum of $159.00, with a second violation of at least $279.00. Don’t believe us? Watch this CHP sponsored video: [youtube=]

Dangers of “Zombie” Driving Are Real

Talking on a cell phone can reduce more than 35 percent of the brain activity that is required for driving according to a recent study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University. Such unawareness has caused the campaign to label this activity as “zombie” driving due to the lack of attention to the road that results from using electronic devices while driving. The bottom line is that whatever phone call or text message is awaiting your reply, it can wait.

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