Appel Law Firm Obtains $1.32 Million Construction Accident Verdict

Think Construction Trials are a Waste of Time? Not so fast. Incident At the time of the incident, the client was a ceiling installer working on a contract basis in Redwood City, California. Ceiling installers primarily work with drywall, ceiling tiles, and wallboard, and may be involved in both installation and painting. They may also
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Appel Law Firm Award Scholarship to Hit and Run Victim


Each year, an annual scholarship award is granted to college and graduate students who have survived car accidents. These individuals have overcome the odds and their injuries. The Auto Accident Survivor Scholarship awards the student $1,000 for school tuition. We are proud to announce that the 2016 winner of the Auto Accident Survivor Scholarship is
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Suing a California Municipality


In the state of California, you can sue a public entity at the local governmental, county or state level for monetary damages. The claim must meet the requirements of the California Tort Claims Act (CTCA). This act sets out the procedures to be filed. These requirements can be found in code sections 810-996.6. The claim
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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

In just a split second, a distracted driver can cause an accident that destroys lives. Adjusting a radio, turning to talk to a passenger, or quickly responding to a text may seem harmless at the time. But in that moment of inattention, tragedy can strike. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month in California, and federal
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Cyclist Safety & Road Rage

bike safety

If you’ve ever been the target of another motorist’s road rage, you know how terrifying the situation can be. In a road rage scenario, you have no way of knowing if the agitated motorist will simply hurl angry words or if the situation could escalate into physical violence. For a cyclist, experiencing road rage from
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California Hoverboard Laws

California hoverboard

If you’ve heard that hoverboards are illegal but you’ve also noticed people riding them in local parks and around downtown Walnut Creek, you may wonder about the legal status of this latest gadget craze. Rumors have swirled online in recent months that a new bill banned hoverboards nationwide. While it’s true that the state of California
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Three Ways to Keep Your Teens Safe on the Road

Teen Safety Week

It’s a phone call that no one wants to get — the one that comes at 2:00 A.M. when you’re anxiously waiting for your teen to come home hours after their curfew has passed. It’s the call from the hospital, informing you that your teenage son or daughter has been involved in a car accident and
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Unexpected Way Driving for a Rideshare Will Violate Your Insurance Policy

rideshare accidents

Imagine it. You were just approved as a rideshare driver for a TNC (Transportation Network Company), such as Uber or Lyft. You just picked up and dropped off your first client. Your app is on and you are waiting for the next match assignment. You decide to drive around while you wait. As you drive out
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New App Periscope Increases Distracted Driving Accident Possibilities

periscope app distracted driving

Every vehicle owner should be aware of technology’s impact on the driving experience. Although you might not own a smartphone or other mobile devices, plenty of others are distracted by the temptation to use these devices while behind the wheel. While GPS and hands free technologies have improved the driving experience in terms of safety
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Seat Belt Safety Emphasized for Memorial Day

Many drivers will travel on California’s busy roads this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Today, here at Slice of Appel PI, we would like to reiterate this week’s announcement from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that this weekend will be designated as a maximum enforcement period (MEP) and CHP officers will focus on seatbelt safety. So please
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