Bike to Work Day Promotes Cycling with ‘Happy Hours,’ Gifts, Challenges

bike to work weekIf you enjoy commuting to work by bicycle — or if you’d like to start — consider joining the festivities for Bike to Work Day on May 11.

The event is sponsored by Bike East Bay and includes activities like a morning ride with members of the Berkeley City Council, Bike Happy Hour celebrations in the evening, and a pancake breakfast.

Designed to demonstrate the importance of bike commuting and bike safety, Bike to Work Day also includes more than 140 Energizer Stations throughout Contra Costa and Alameda counties. At the stations, you can enjoy refreshments and pick up a free bag filled with bike-friendly items.

At 35 locations, you can join Bike East Bay or renew your membership and get a larger bag that includes a coupon book.

More to Enjoy for Bike to Work Day

To help get into the spirit of biking to work, you can join the Berkeley Bike Happy Hour or one of several other local Bike Happy Hour events. These block party-style events will feature food and beverages, live musical entertainment, and activities for kids.

If you’re serious about cycling for transportation, you can join with friends and colleagues for the Team Bike Challenge during Bike Month. You can use the mobile app for the event to log your bike trips during the month of May and compete with others around the East Bay area.

Encouraging Employees to Hit the Road

For employers who wish to encourage staff members to bike to work, Bike East Bay offers a digital Employer Toolkit with suggestions for getting the word out about Bike to Work Day and the benefits of cycling year-round.

The organization also offers some ways you can encourage your team to put the pedal to the metal to get to your office each day:

  • Participate as a company or office in Bike to Work Day on May 11 and the Team Bike Challenge during the month of May.
  • Allow employees to dress casually, at least on some days, and consider providing dressing rooms and showers in your office. Alternatively, partner with a nearby fitness club where employees can freshen up after their bike commutes.
  • Organize a biking group in the office and plan lunchtime rides.

In addition, consider adding bicycle-friendly infrastructure, such as bike parking in well-lit areas, along with a repair station featuring a bike pump and other tools.

Financial incentives also can prove effective for encouraging employees to commute to work by bike. Consider offering some reimbursement for commuting that can go toward purchasing a bike or accessories, or provide a federally allowed payment for giving up use of a parking space each month.

Bike to School Instead

If you’re a student or have a child who is still in school, consider participating in Bike to School Day, which occurs concurrently with Bike to Work Day on May 11.

Along with riding their bikes to school, students can participate by attending a Family Cycling Class with family members or joining in a variety of Bike Month events like lectures, family fun rides and volunteer opportunities.

Get Started with Bicycle Commuting

If you’re new to commuting via bicycle, consider signing up for a free cyclist education course that covers bike safety facts.

In addition, you may want to register your bike. By registering, you’ll be ready to provide police with information like your serial number and description if your bike is stolen. If police do recover your bike, they can get it back to you if you’re registered.

Before you take off, take time to plan your route. If you’ll be riding on busy roads to get to work or school, consider practicing on a weekend to learn your route and gauge the time needed for your commute. Be aware that weather conditions, road construction and traffic congestion all can affect your ride time and the potential for accidents.

If you are involved in an accident while riding your bike, it’s important to work with an attorney who can help protect your rights. For a free consultation, please contact Appel Law Firm LLP.

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