Walnut Creek’s Walkability Causing Pedestrian Accident Concerns

Pedestrian accidents in Walnut Creek from April 2004 to September 2017. Zoom in and click a plot point for more information about the accident. 

Ask any homeowner what they look for in a neighborhood when they move to it. You’ll probably get a variety of answers such as close driving distance to work, excellent schools and safe neighborhoods. Another growing trend that people look for is walkability.

People are moving to areas that provide everything that a pedestrian looks for, such as nearby parks, hiking trails, and local shops that are just a short leisurely stroll away. We have even started seeing “Walk Scores” included in real estate listings to encourage newcomers to relocate to the neighborhood. Neighborhood walkability has both economic and environmental benefits.

Yet the one thing that pedestrians are finding is that walking through Walnut Creek may not actually be safe for their health.

Pedestrian Accidents Still a Growing Concern

In Walnut Creek, pedestrian accidents have almost become the unwelcome norm. According to data obtained from the Walnut Creek PD, from April 2004 to September 2017, there have been 397 pedestrian accidents reported. In 2017 alone, from January up to September, there were 27 incidents. These pedestrian accidents include instances of people sustaining injuries, fatalities, non-injuries and being part of hit-and-run encounters.

The majority of the pedestrian accidents happened within the corridor starting from the intersection of North Main Street and Parkside Drive down to South Main Street and Newell Avenue running from north toward south. They are also from North/South California Boulevard to North Civic Drive/South Broadway traveling from west toward east.

When evaluating individual roads, streets and boulevards, Ygnacio Valley Road had a significant 25 accidents since 2011. Locust Street had 12 accidents during the same time period.

Another fact that can’t be ignored is the sheer number of pedestrian accidents that result in injury. While there were no fatalities so far in 2017, there were 21 accidents that resulted in the person becoming injured. Only 3 people were not injured while another 3 people were involved in hit-and-run accidents.

This important data highlights that walking through Walnut Creek could mean a medical bill waiting to happen. Such a factor should not be ignored in seeking out methods that can help better protect our citizens when they decide to place on their sneakers and take to the beaten path to get to their destinations.

Why Such a High Rate?

There is never just one cause concerning the abundance of pedestrian accidents. It usually requires a range of different factors aligning together that create these incidents. Combine walkability into an old neighborhood road infrastructure where sidewalks are nonexistent in some areas, and this increases the chances of having people walking along a dangerous street.

More drivers are also on the road. Think of these drivers as migratory birds as they flow into Walnut Creek to engage in work and shopping opportunities and then fly back to their homes later in the day. With the increased number of cars along the streets, all jammed together and jockeying to better positions to get where they want to go faster, it can lead a more dangerous situation with people who are window shopping and trying to cross busy intersections.

Another factor you have to consider is technology. As drivers, we are plugged into our mobile devices even while sitting behind the steering wheel. We have apps that can tell us routes to decrease driving time and distance to our destinations. Unfortunately, this issue can lead to drivers being directed to turn onto more quiet residential lanes. This results in drivers speeding past pedestrians who are not used to seeing any heavy traffic during that time of the day for their morning walks. With pedestrians having to walk along the street due to the lack of sidewalks, it can create a devastating situation.

Increasing Safety and Decreasing Injuries

There is no simple solution to the problem of pedestrian accidents in Walnut Creek. It will have to be a combined effort to tackle the problem from all avenues. Increasing safety awareness for both pedestrians and drivers can lead to everyone paying more attention on how they move down roads and across intersections.

We will also have to further enforce traffic laws at high-risk intersections. Distracted drivers have to stop playing chicken in areas where signs clearly state no right turns, while aggressive drivers have to stop blowing through traffic lights just to shave off 2 minutes of their driving time. It’s not worth a future driving ticket, criminal charge or medical bills.

If you are a pedestrian who becomes injured or is involved in a hit-and-run accident, working with an experienced accident lawyer can help you decide on the next action to take. The accident attorney can inform you of your rights so you can be compensated for any injuries. Contact Appel Law Firm LLP today at 925-938-2000 for a free consultation.

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