Faulty Equipment

Malfunctioning or defective equipment – be it heavy industrial vehicles like cranes, forklifts and hydraulic lifts, or hand tools – cause thousands of injuries, including amputations and crushing injuries every year.

Most workers, especially those in the manufacturing, construction and transportation industries, are required to operate heavy industrial equipment, large industrial vehicles, hand tools and other equipment as part of their daily job.  Unfortunately, very often, the equipment or tools are not in a safe condition, or may be malfunctioning.  This poses a serious injury risk, and in some cases, those injuries can be serious enough to cause loss of limbs.  Some of the injuries that can be caused by malfunctioning equipment include amputations of limbs or fingers, and even crushing injuries.

A worker who suffers finger or hand amputations, crushing injuries, internal injuries and other injuries associated with defective equipment may have his chances of returning to work dramatically reduced.

Causes of equipment-related injuries

Defective equipment

A manufacturing or design defect in the equipment can increase the risk of an accident.  Workers who have been injured by a piece of defective equipment may have another source of compensation.  They may be able to name the manufacturer or distributor of the equipment in a third party lawsuit.

Poorly maintained equipment

Whatever the type of equipment, it needs to undergo periodic maintenance in order to retain its functionality and remain safe for use.  Employers must make sure that all pieces of equipment are well-maintained, and are safe for workers to use, before these are put in operation.

Lack of repairs

When a piece of equipment has been found to be unsafe, and repairs are recommended, then these repairs must be carried out, before the equipment can be used any further.  Until repairs are carried out, the equipment must be put aside to avoid injuries.

Lack of worker training

The modern workplace includes highly sophisticated machinery that increases productivity, and enhances efficiency.  Such equipment can be safe to use, and can be a great blessing to workers because it reduces the physical labor involved.  However, it is very important that workers be trained properly in the use of such equipment before they are allowed to begin operating it.  Lack of training can often cause devastating injuries.

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