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Welcome to the Appel Law Firm’s Blog: Slice of Appel PI. While PI often refers to a mathematical concept or a fruit-filled dessert, for purposes of this blog it represents Personal Injury. Our goal is to provide consumers and lawyers with interesting, relevant posts about the world of PI.

It is no surprise that computers and the internet continue to become an increasing part of our everyday lives. As a result of this technology, the internet is becoming a great source for news, information and a way to reconnect with others. Here at Slice of Appel PI, we promise to help distill, analyze and simplify information that relates to world of California personal injury law. Whether it is a recent case, interesting news article, or legal commentary, we want to be your online source for all matters related to the often confusing and ever-changing world of personal injury.

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We encourage commenting and reader participation for this blog. We will do our best to create a rich forum for discussion about lively topics in the law that have a direct impact on matters that are important to you.

Thus, we would like to provide you with our firm’s mission statement:

“We understand that quality and content will be vital to the success of this blog. This is the beginning of a blog where attorneys, consumers, and those simply interested in the law can share their thoughts and opinions. We hope to provide you with valuable information to help you in your personal injury related endeavors.”

We hope you enjoy our Slice of Appel PI!

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