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Our most fragile citizens deserve and require full legal support and protection.

No one should suffer physical and emotional abuse in a nursing home, care facility, or institution. Unfortunately, we see it happen every day. As baby boomers age, incidences of neglect and abuse will climb ever higher. It is intolerable that the most vulnerable in society should become victims of schemes to steal their money, property, identity, dignity, and well-being.

Experienced Elderly Abuse Attorneys

If you or your loved one encounter an elder abuse situation or if your concerns have gone unheeded by the staff, administration, or care provider, don’t hesitate for another second. Contact us for legal guidance, resolution, and restitution. We will not rest until justice is served and our client is out of harm’s way.

Elder Abuse Law Basics

Elder and nursing home abuse cases are usually filed by or in the name of an “elder” (any person 65 years of age or older residing in California) or a “dependent adult” (any person between the ages of 18 and 64 years of age, residing in California), who has physical or mental limitations that restrict his/her ability to carry out normal activities or to protect his/her rights.

Generally speaking, abuse of an elder or a dependent adult means either of the following:

  • (1) physical abuse, neglect, financial abuse, abandonment, isolation, abduction, or other treatment that results in physical harm, pain, or mental suffering, or
  • (2) the deprivation by a care custodian of goods or services that are necessary to avoid physical harm or mental suffering.

Types of Elder Abuse & Neglect

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