Nursing Home Abuse in California

Bay Area elder abuse attorneyIt is sometimes difficult to take care of loved ones, especially when they are older, and we often decide that it is necessary to place them in a facility where they can receive greater assistance and monitoring. When we decide to place our loved ones in these facilities, it means that we are placing great trust in these institutions to monitor adequately the people we love. However, nursing homes and retirement facilities need to do a better job at protecting those whom we entrust to their authority. If you believe that a nursing facility has been negligent in the care of you or a loved one, you should contact an attorney to assist you in the matter.

A Sad Tale

A recent article from the Kaiser Health News details a disturbing trend in retirement facilities. It details an 85-year-old woman who had been in a California nursing home. When her daughter, Mary Chiu, visited her at the facility, her daughter discovered that bed sores were covering her body. There was a sore so grave on the woman’s backside that it exposed the bone. She had to receive treatment several times for sores and bacterial infections. The wounds continued until the elderly lady died in April 2012. Her daughter stated that her mother suffered until the very end.

After Ms. Chiu noticed her mother’s injuries, she contacted the Los Angeles County public health department to request a thorough investigation of the facility. Unfortunately, three years have passed and the public health officials still have not concluded the investigation. Within this time, Ms. Chiu already won a lawsuit against the nursing home in which an arbitrator ruled that her mother had been the victim of elder abuse, negligence, and wrongful death.

A Disturbing Trend

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. The state of California has been behind in its investigation of nursing institutions, and as a result, it means that nursing institutions that may be neglectful in the treatment of their residents do not have to worry about quick and thorough investigations to determine their neglect. This lack of timely oversight on behalf of county and state authorities means that it is of even greater significance for a person to do their due diligence in regard to the treatment their loved ones receive in these institutions.

Types of Problems in Nursing Homes

If you have loved ones in nursing homes, there are particular matters that you should pay attention to. Among the elderly population, they are particularly vulnerable to the aforementioned abuses like negligence, elder abuse, and wrongful death. However, you should also monitor issues such as elder financial exploitation. Financial exploitation, which primarily is targeted toward the elderly, occurs when people attempt to deceive older persons so that they can obtain access to their financial information such as credit cards or ATM numbers. They then use this information to defraud the elderly victims

Contact an Elder Abuse Attorney

If you believe that you or a loved one is the victim of some form of elder abuse, the first thing that you should do is to contact the Appel Law Firm LLP. They have an excellent record in the field of elder abuse, and will do all that is possible to help you or your loved ones.

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