GM Recalls: Different Procedures, Same Problems?

Key in Ignition

A post recently published by Fox Business details a recall by General Motors. On June 13, the company declared that it was recalling all current-generation Chevrolet Camaros and other vehicles as well. They stated that the recall was necessary because a driver’s knee can bump the key FOB and cause the key to move out of the “run” position, which corresponds with a loss of power. General Motors will recall more than 500,000 cars from model years 2010-2014.

Previous Mistakes

The reason why the recall from General Motors is so important is because the company recently had to go before the United States government and explain why it was so deficient in providing recalls in a timely manner. General Motors had known about defective products since 2001. As a result of the matter, the federal government applied a heavy fine to the company, and after an internal investigation, GM stated that they would adopt new procedures to prevent future mistakes.

While it is commendable that the company has decided to develop new ways to deal with defective manufacturing, it is important to note that people spent years trying to take cases against General Motors to trial or to receive a settlement. The company defended itself several times until the evidence became overwhelming. They are not alone in such behavior, as the Toyota Corporation has received heavy penalties for not recalling products in a quick manner. Do not assume that car companies will suddenly inform the public of safety problems as quickly as possible. When you are in an accident and believe that manufacturer error may have played a role in the events, your primary option should be to contact an attorney.

What will an attorney do?

One particular reason why it is important to retain an attorney when manufacturer error may be a possibility is that it improves the person’s bargaining position. As much as General Motors is touting its new safety norms, it is important to realize that it is a corporation, and as such, its priority is on maximizing profit. As mentioned earlier, there were scores of cases in which auto manufacturers refused to concede that their errors may have been partly responsible for traffic accidents. Without an attorney, a person runs the risk of receiving a poor offer. Additionally, an attorney will inform you of all the possible claims that you may be able to bring before the court. If you are involved in a car accident, you may think of issues such as paying medical bills or repair costs of your vehicle, but issues such as emotional duress are matters that a lawyer would consider so that you receive the settlement that you may fully merit.

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