Workers’ Compensation: How to Calculate Your TTD Rate in California

If you’ve been hurt at work and have been deemed unable to work by your treating workers’ compensation physician, you are entitled to receive temporary total disability, or TTD benefits, to help replace your lost income while you recover from your industrial injuries.

How to Calculate TTD

The calculations used to determine how much you’ll receive in TTD benefits are complex because of the many unique situations that might apply. If you had only one full-time job with a set salary before your injury, the calculation is somewhat straightforward, but if you had multiple jobs, a seasonal job, fluctuating wages, or additional income like bonuses and tips, the calculation becomes more complex.

If you had a single job and earned a fixed salary – without tips, bonuses, or other income – and worked full time, you can expect to receive two thirds of your previous gross wages up to the maximum TTD benefit. The maximum benefit amounts are as follows:

  • $1,074.64 per week if you were injured in 2014
  • $1,103.29 per week if you were injured in 2015
  • $1,128.43 per week if you were injured in 2016
  • $1,172.57 per week if you were injured in 2017
  • $1,215.27 per week if you were injured in 2018

This means that even if two-thirds of your gross income is higher than $1,215.27 and you were injured in 2018, you will only be paid $1,215.27 per week.

TTD Minimum Payments

There are also established minimum TTD payment amounts so that if you are guaranteed a minimum amount despite your previous earnings. The minimum TTD for workers injured in 2018 is $182.29 per week. This means that if two-thirds of your gross wages is less than the minimum benefit, you will still be paid $182.29 per week.

TTD Calculations in Complex Situations

Calculating TTD in complex situations is harder, and most injured workers hire an attorney to help them determine what to expect and advocate for fair wage replacement while they recover from an injury.

If you had more than one job at the time you were injured, were working in a seasonal position, were accustomed to fluctuations in your wages, received income in addition to an hourly rate of pay, or were expecting a salary increase when you were injured, contact the attorneys at the Appel Law Firm LLP to help you ensure that your compensation is fair and meets minimum requirements in the state of California. We can also help you explore other options for income replacement, including State Disability Insurance (SDI).

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