Walnut Creek’s Most Dangerous Intersections

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As the map indicates, Walnut Creek experienced over 800 traffic-related accidents, including 10 fatalities, between January 2010 and October 2015. Many of these accidents, however, are clustered around a few hotspot intersections.

For example, five different intersections along Ygnacio Valley Road are in the top 12 intersections with the most accidents.  The most dangerous intersection with the highest number of collisions is Ygnacio Valley Road and Oak Grove Road—data shows 65 crashes there between the 2010 and 2015.

Fatal Crashes in Walnut Creek

Ten different intersections were the sites of the 12 fatal accidents since 2010. The intersection of Mt. Diablo Boulevard and San Miguel Drive saw an accident that resulted in two fatalities.

Each of the following intersections saw a single fatal accident in the since 2010:

  • Bancroft Road and McCann Court
  • California Boulevard and Trinity Avenue
  • San Luis Road and Keaveney Court
  • Geary Road and Hall Lane
  • Ygnacio Valley Road and Civic Drive
  • Tice Creek Drive and Golden Rain Road
  • Main Street and Parkside Drive
  • Rossmoor Parkway and Tice Valley Boulevard

Dangerous Intersections

Injury accidents occurred at dozens of different streets and intersections throughout the city between 2010 and 2015. In addition to Ygnacio Valley Road and Oak Grove Road, county data identified the following locations as having the highest number of accidents in which people sustained injuries:

  • Main Street and Geary Road–45 accidents
  • Ygnacio Valley Road and San Carlos Drive–42 accidents
  • Treat Boulevard and Candelero Drive–40 accidents
  • Ygnacio Valley Road and Walnut Avenue–39 accidents

Bicycle Accidents

A handful of bicycle crashes were also reported between 2011 and 2015. The intersection of Broadway and Newell Avenue saw multiple bike accidents, including 6 crashes where injured bicyclists were reported.

Three other intersections had four injury accidents involving bicyclists each:

  • Main Street and Geary Road
  • Walnut Avenue and Hutchinson Road
  • Ygnacio Valley Road and Civic Drive

Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Pedestrians were also involved in numerous traffic accidents between 2010 and 2015. Not surprisingly, many pedestrian accidents happened near outdoor malls and shopping districts. In fact, county data reports six crashes involving pedestrians at Main Street and Geary Road alone. Though, possibly the most dangerous intersection for pedestrians was Treat Boulevard and Candelero Drive which saw three different vehicle-pedestrian accidents resulting in two fatalities and two injuries.

In addition, multiple locations each had four accidents involving pedestrians:

  • Mount Diablo Boulevard and Broadway
  • Mount Diablo Boulevard and Locust Street
  • Bonanza Street and California Boulevard
  • Parkside Drive and Jones Road
  • Parkside Drive and Main Street
  • Walnut Avenue and Hutchinson Road
  • Walnut Boulevard and Ygnacio Valley Road
  • Stanley Dollar Drive and Tice Creek Drive

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