Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse Case Results

  • Our client, a 70-year-old woman with advanced Alzheimer’s disease, figured out how to open an entry door, and left the nursing home, unbeknownst to the staff. It wasn’t the first time she’d left the facility on her own.
  • A couple of hours later and a few miles away, our client was struck by a vehicle and suffered catastrophic brain injuries. We sued the vehicle operator for striking her. But we also sued the nursing home and its out-of-state corporate home office for negligence and elder abuse: for failing to provide the necessary staff and for failing to protect her from a known “elopement” problem.

How We Helped

  • Through our investigation process, we discovered that the corporation had been cutting staffing to increase profits consistently for the past five years. We also uncovered evidence that the nursing home had previously been punished for failing to protect senior citizen “wanderers.”

The Results

  • This tragic case was resolved in confidential mediation, one of the highest settlements in California history.