Keep Toy Safety in Mind this Holiday Season


The holiday shopping season will soon come to a close.  Parents everywhere are in a last-minute dash to check off those final items on their children’s holiday wish lists. But in your rush to make your children’s Christmas wishes come true, don’t forget to keep an eye on safety to avoid personal injury – or worse – from happening to your children this holiday season.

A study recently released by the journal Clinical Pediatrics found that an estimated 3.3 million children were injured by toys between 1990 and 2011, with the incidence of injuries increasing by 40 percent through the years. While the vast majority of toys are safe, some are poorly made or designed, while others are used in a manner unintended by the manufacturer – think of a child standing on a toy drum, rather than playing it, to reach a cookie on the counter.

The types of injuries suffered by children change according to age, the study found. For children younger than five, choking was the biggest hazard, with children eating or inhaling small parts. Older children faced injury from power toys like motorized cars, bicycles and foot-scooters in the form of broken bones.

Falls from bikes and children using toys not as intended cannot be completely avoided. But parents can be proactive in trying to prevent or minimize the risk of injury by following these safety tips:

  • Make sure toys are age appropriate.
  • Check for loose or small parts, such as buttons, balls or beans, which a child could choke on.
  • If buying a bike, scooter, roller blades, or other toy that is a fall hazard, make sure the child has – and wears – proper safety equipment at all times, including helmets, knee and elbow pads.
  • Check online for the latest toy recalls to make sure the manufacturer or Consumer Product Safety Commission hasn’t recalled a toy for being potentially unsafe.
  • Make sure fabric toys are listed “flame resistant” or “flame retardant”.
  • Art materials should be labeled non-toxic, and paint on toys should be lead free.
  • Make sure young children are supervised when playing with potentially dangerous toys, and put them away immediately.
  • If you purchase your child a gun of any type, make sure they know how to properly care for it, and instruct them to never, under any circumstances, point it at anybody. Better yet, do not let them play with it out of your sight.

 Walnut Creek Unsafe Toy Attorney

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