Dangerous Driving in California

11PM_PKG_805_MULTI_FATAL_CRASH_0113_1200x675_116281411911Driving under the influence is a serious matter. Most people know that drunk driving can result in dangerous outcomes, but it is important to note that consuming other drugs while driving can also lead to dangerous situations.

This news story from the ABC News affiliate in San Diego details how driving under the influence can lead to a terrible outcome. The story mentions a young man who allegedly decided to drive after having consumed both alcohol and marijuana. The young man had been drinking with friends at a bar. A bartender told them that they were not in the proper condition to drive and gave them information so that a cab could transport them.

Instead, William Cady, a 25-year old man, chose to drove, and accelerated on a freeway transition ramp. His SUV subsequently flipped; three vehicles following the SUV also crashed. One of the passengers testified that Mr. Cady was behaving in an irrational and psychotic manner when the other passengers asked him to reduce his driving speed. He also stated that he thought Mr. Cady was driving the car at the fastest possible speed that the vehicle could reach. As a result of the accident, three of the five passengers died. The blood alcohol concentration test showed that Mr. Cady’s blood alcohol level was between .13 and .19 percent when the crash occurred. A blood test conducted three hours after also showed that he possessed marijuana in his system. Mr. Cady is facing charges for murder, gross vehicular manslaughter, and driving under the influence. The district attorney has stated that Mr. Cady will face up 45 years to life in prison if he is convicted of the charges. This is not the first time that the defendant has been in trouble for matters related to drug consumption. He has two convictions for misdemeanor domestic violence from 2009 and 2011. After the first conviction, the judge ordered him to spend a year in a drug treatment program as a condition of his probation. After the second conviction, the judge ordered him to abstain from alcohol consumption. A judge has found that there is enough evidence to proceed to trial on seven felony charges.

Driving Under the Influence in California

In California, it is against the law to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of any drug, whether it is legal or illegal, if it interferes with your ability to drive safely. If a person uses marijuana for medicinal purposes, that does not provide an excuse if the police attempt to arrest you for driving under the influence. An injured party should speak to a personal injury attorney immediately for help. An attorney can help gather the necessary evidence to ensure an award for damages that will cover the costs of medical bills, time off of work, and more.

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