Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

When people think of abuse in nursing homes, they tend to focus on physical and emotional pain inflicted upon elderly individuals. However, another type of abuse is present in nursing homes, and it can be just as damaging as the aforementioned types of abuse. Sexual abuse of the elderly is not an uncommon problem, especially
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The Danger of Defective Equipment

In February, General Motors announced that a defective switch would lead to a recall of more than 1.6 million cars. There were allegedly 303 deaths from car accidents in which the air bag failed to deploy due to a defective ignition switch. Unfortunately, these deaths occurred over a 10 year span in which General Motors
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Bicycle Accidents in California


A bicyclist was killed earlier Sunday, Feb. 23, in downtown LA when he was hit by a driver while crossing an intersection. The accident was classified as a hit-and-run, as the driver did not stop after colliding with the cyclist. Bicyclists being hit by drivers, particularly in intersections and on-ramps, unfortunately occurs all too often
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Insurance Coverage for Rideshare Drivers

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There has been increased discussion lately on what insurance coverage is afforded to drivers who work for ‘transportation network companies,’ after a driver for Uber struck and killed a six-year-old in San Francisco on New Year’s Eve. Although the company issued a statement expressing regret for the accident, it said that, although the driver had
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Intentional Torts

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Although most personal injury cases originate from accidents of one kind or another, a much smaller class of personal injury cases are “intentional torts.” Intentional torts are torts that occur when an individual intends to cause harm to another person. If someone intends to do harm to another person, the victim can bring both a
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What Costs Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Bay Area Workers Compensation Attorney

If you are hurt or become ill because of your work, you might be eligible to receive workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a program that is required under state law, and allows for benefits that may cover the costs of medical care, disability, and death in the event that an employee dies and a dependent
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Elder Abuse: More Than Physical Violence at Nursing Homes

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Most of us have heard about the frequent and unfortunate abuse of the elderly that occurs in nursing homes across California and the rest of the United States. In fact, just this week officials from the California Department of Public Health met with elder care advocates to discuss the officials’ ability, or lack thereof, to
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Fatal Ride-Sharing Accident: A Discussion of Gross Negligence, Vicarious Liability, and Insurance Coverage

Uber Wrongful Death

In an unfortunate accident that happened on New Year’s Eve, a driver of a popular ridesharing service, struck a six-year-old girl as she was crossing the street with her mother and brother in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. Last week, the driver was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter, gross negligence, and failing to
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Single Vehicle Accidents in California

construction site car accident

Single vehicle accidents are the most prevalent and dangerous type of vehicle collision in California. According to the National Highway Safety Administration approximately 62% of all fatal California car accidents in 2011 consisted of single-car accidents. In most cases, the vehicle runs into a fixed object, such as a tree, sign post, highway divider or
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Explaining Comparative Negligence in California Car Accident Cases

East Bay Auto Accident Lawyer

When consulting with clients in car accident cases, we are often asked whether injured persons can still recover compensation even if they are partly to blame for the accident or their injuries. We want to reassure you that the answer is “yes.”  Thanks to a legal doctrine called “pure comparative negligence,” you may still be
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