New Law Limits Contact in High School Football Practices

Law Limits Contact in HS Football Practices

The start of a new school year signals the start of high school football season. But a law recently enacted by the California legislature seeks to change the way coaches and players gear up for the new season. The law, which goes into effect January 1, addresses growing concern about the long-term damage caused by
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An Accident at an Air Force Base

When you believe that a party acted negligently and is responsible for a loved one’s death, the law permits you to turn toward wrongful death litigation as a judicial remedy for such neglectful behavior. An Airshow Stunt Gone Wrong A recent post from the Sacramento Bee details a family that is suing on behalf of
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Tragedy Strikes in California

bay area wrongful death attorney

A recent report in the Pasadena News describes a tragic situation that nobody would want to confront: the senseless death of a child. However, when such a tragedy strikes, a person should know that the law can provide them with some type of recourse. While a person may be unable to resume a relationship with
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Protecting People in Dangerous Jobs

workers compensation dangerous jobs

Construction is a dangerous and demanding field. Construction workers place themselves in perilous positions in which their safety and lives are at risk if safety standards are not followed. Because of the nature of construction work, it is imperative that employers do everything possible to protect their employees from unnecessary risks. A recent post in
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Fall Hazards: An Unfortunate Event

Worker of Construction

A terrible tragedy took place in Winters, California on May 30. A recent article from the Sacramento Bee details the tragic death of two construction workers who were working on a bridge construction site. The crane-hoisted basket broke apart, and the construction workers fell more than 80 feet. They fell onto timbers that were covering a
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GM Recalls: Different Procedures, Same Problems?

Key in Ignition

A post recently published by Fox Business details a recall by General Motors. On June 13, the company declared that it was recalling all current-generation Chevrolet Camaros and other vehicles as well. They stated that the recall was necessary because a driver’s knee can bump the key FOB and cause the key to move out
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The Responsibility of Wrongful Death


When there is a death of a loved one, it can cause feelings of deep sorrow. The family members and friends must take time to grieve and process such a painful experience. These feelings can turn to anger and rage when family and friends believe that a death could have been prevented if it were
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Protection from Dog Bites

Bay Area Dog Bite Lawyer

While people think of dogs as small, cute animals, it is important to realize that they can be dangerous and vicious as well. If you are the victim of a dog bite, you should contact an attorney so that you can be fully aware of your options and possibilities. A Dog Bite in Los Angeles
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Auto Accidents and Workers Compensation: A Unique Case

Can I get workers compensation for a car accident

A recent story from the Pasadena Star News documents a strange event that occurred in Monterey Park. On April 16th, there was an auto accident involving two fire trucks. A truck from Monterrey Park was traveling eastbound while another from Alhambra was moving southbound to respond to the same fire. It appears that the two
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The Audacity of Auto Manufacturers

The Audacity of Automakers

The Audacity of Auto Manufacturers When you are involved in an auto accident, your first step should always be to contact an attorney. You can never be certain to what extent accidents are the result of manufacture error, and an attorney will be better positioned to determine if the accident was the fault of the
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