2015 Auto Accident Law Firm Survivor Scholarship Awarded to Denise Pichardo

Denise Pichardo

At Appel Law Firm LLP, we award a $1,000 scholarship each year to a college, university, graduate, or law student who was injured in a car or truck accident or was affected by someone else’s accident. We are very pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2015 Auto Accident Law Firm Survivor Scholarship is Denise Pichardo, a
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Are Workers Compensation Benefits Taxable?

If you have recently been injured at work and you started receiving financial benefits, you may be curious about whether these benefits are taxable or not. In general, workers compensation benefits are not taxable, although some exceptions will apply. When you are out of work and you have been approved for workers compensation benefits, you won’t
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Maximize Benefits From Your Workers Compensation Claim

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), every year, more than four million workers are seriously injured at work,  and approximately 4,500 more die. Thousands more die due to work-related illnesses such as lung disease or cancer. The economic toll is so high it cannot even be calculated. Workers’
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Can Workers Compensation be Garnished?

Wage garnishments are challenging since a creditor has been given the right to get payment on monies you owe them by taking money directly from your paycheck before it is issued to you. Garnishments authorized by the government such as taxes, student loans and court-ordered child support payments do not require the assistance of the courts
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Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied: What Now?

Workers’ compensation in California is designed to provide insurance coverage for workers who are injured or become ill due to conditions at work. Medical bills and lost wages are supposed to be paid without the employee needing to prove the employer was at fault. In turn, the employer cannot claim workers were negligent and responsible
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Can You Be Fired for Filing a Workers Compensation Claim?

Under California law, employees who sustain an injury on the job have a right to file a worker’s compensation claim. Workers who are injured have certain responsibilities including making a timely report to their immediate supervisor or their employer reporting any accidents. If workers suffer a work-related illness, they should notify their supervisor immediately upon
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How to File for Workers Compensation in California

Filing for workers compensation in California can be a tedious process, but if you have been injured at work and you are unable to return to your current duties, filing for workers compensation is your only recourse for recovering lost wages. Filing for workers compensation requires that you fill out all of the appropriate forms,
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How California Vehicle Laws Apply to the New Bolt Electric Bike

Bolt Electric Bike

With no license required, the Bolt Electric Bike is becoming a rapidly popular form of transportation. The state of California has seen a rise in the use of the Bolt Electric Bike because of it’s affordability, and ease of use. The problems associated with this rise in electric bike use involve the safety of riders, the
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Unexpected Way Driving for a Rideshare Will Violate Your Insurance Policy

rideshare accidents

Imagine it. You were just approved as a rideshare driver for a TNC (Transportation Network Company), such as Uber or Lyft. You just picked up and dropped off your first client. Your app is on and you are waiting for the next match assignment. You decide to drive around while you wait. As you drive out
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California Electric Scooter Laws

California Motor Scooter

Excerpts from California Laws that Pertain to Motorized Scooters California Vehicle Code (CVC) concerning motorized scooters: California Vehicle Code §407.5(a) A “motorized scooter” is any two-wheeled device that has handlebars, has a floorboard that is designed to be stood upon when riding, and is powered by an electric motor. This device may also have a
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