Annual Scholarship for Car Crash Victims Open for Applications

Spring break is in full swing. Across the nation, a new crop of young drivers is out on the road, some making their first annual trek to sunnier climes. Some will be involved in their first car crash. Some won’t make it home. In 2013, teenagers were killed in 9 percent of motor vehicle fatalities.
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Potential Damages in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases

Before filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim, you may have questions about the various types of damages you may be able to recover at time of trial. While no attorney can guarantee the value of any judgment, the following is a guide to the types of damages you may be entitled to recover,
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Liability Theories for Injuries Sustained in Walnut Creek Drunk Driving Accident


If you somehow managed to miss it, the 2014 NFL season came to an end February 1 when the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Many football fans – as well as some who tune in “just to watch the commercials” – watch the big game at a bar or attend Super Bowl parties
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Walnut Creek Taxi Cabs Held to Higher Standard


Every day, thousands of Walnut Creek and Bay Area residents use taxi cabs as a way to get to work, appointments, and home safely from restaurants and bars. Taxi cabs are classified as common carriers, which means they owe their passengers a higher duty of care and protection than a non-commercial driver owes its passengers.
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Fire in Assisted Living Facility: Can Home be Liable for Wrongful Death?

Nursing Home Care

A fire claimed the lives of five residents, and injured at least 10 more, at a senior-living assisted building in Texas over Christmas. A total of 150 firefighters from six different fire departments were needed to extinguish the blaze. This tragic accident may have you wondering whether an assisted living facility or nursing home can
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The Use of Seat Belts in California School Buses


School buses are one of the safest modes of transportation, with only 1% of all student fatalities during normal school travel hours the result of school bus accidents, despite the fact that seat belts are not installed. California is one of only six states that requires the installation and use of seat belts on school
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Choosing the Right Nursing Facility for Your Elderly Family Member


With an estimated 300,000 California residents being cared for in nursing facilities, every day families across the state are faced with choosing the right facility to care for their loved one. And with 18% of all substantiated complaints against nursing homes related to mistreatment or abuse of residents by staff, making sure your loved one
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Driving while Drowsy Causes 400,000 Injuries Annually

Everybody knows that driving while under the influence, be it from alcohol, prescription narcotics or illegal drugs, can be deadly. But an experiment recently conducted by the Today Show in conjunction with Drowsy Driving Prevention Week shows that driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous, and results in hundreds of thousands of personal injury
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Keep Toy Safety in Mind this Holiday Season


The holiday shopping season will soon come to a close.  Parents everywhere are in a last-minute dash to check off those final items on their children’s holiday wish lists. But in your rush to make your children’s Christmas wishes come true, don’t forget to keep an eye on safety to avoid personal injury – or
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Pastor’s Family Sues Church over Alleged Elder Abuse


A daughter of Pastor Chuck Smith, who founded the Costa Mesa-based Calvary Chapel, one of the largest protestant churches in the United States, filed suit in September against the church. The suit makes claims of elder abuse and wrongful takeover of property at the hands of the church’s board of directors. The daughter filed the
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